I’ve known Razan for a few years but was captured by her vibrant personality and by her huge transformation after she established a career in real estate. Razan helped us buy a property in Davenport and was with us for months until we recently closed. She is professional, always on time, dedicated to her clients and her small family. She has a wealth of knowledge and is trustworthy. She is very genuine and treats me like a friend. I’m very grateful I came across in my life with someone like her.


I recommend Razan. She is an amazing professional. Helped us to find the home we were looking for. She is fast, and efficient and we are grateful for her time and attention.

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Razan Mohamed is a dynamic and accomplished real estate agent who is fluent in both Arabic and English. With a diverse background that includes living in different countries, she has developed a keen understanding of diverse cultures and possesses excellent communication skills that allow her to connect with clients from various backgrounds. Contact her now!

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